Case scenarios and action plans

Development of case scenarios and action plans in collaboration with local authorities and policy makers

This phase will carry out simulation of emergencies and response actions for oil spill and SAR operations in order to provide improved reactions in the event of a maritime accident. Historical and new collected data will be used to implement at a territorial scale a common decision-making support tool. It will offer geospatial data on coastal environment: oil spill tracking, trajectory and dispersion, making of risks areas, vulnerability maps....

Collaboration with local authorities and policy makers will lead to the development of joint strategies as well as a larger common coastal management on oil spill and SAR operations. It will make possible identification and mitigation of pollution spreading and ensure a long term management of the pollution in case of marine accident.

The main following outputs are expected:

  • Tool guide.
  • Impact and evaluation studies.
  • End-users meetings.
  • Up to date ocean currents data-base.
  • GIS website.
  • GIS guide.
  • Policy recommendations and common agreements.

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