Innovative aspects

TOSCA will provide a number of innovative aspects concerning technical developments and new ways of managing the implementation process

Technical innovative aspects

TOSCA will help press forward the state of the art in sea monitoring and forecasting, improving existing solutions to more accurate marine forecasts concerning oil spill tracking and trajectory.

A sustainable radar network and the standardization in software analysis for dispersion prediction

By the installation of a sustainable radar network and by the standardization of marine forecast instruments and software, the project will facilitate the use of sea monitoring and forecasting solutions by the authorities in charge of emergency response in case of a marine accident.

Direct measurements of the ocean currents with HF radars and drifters and concomitant use of a model prediction with the ocean monitoring platform

Modelling and forecasting of transport by ocean currents are very sensitive and even small errors in the current results in significant errors in the trajectories. For this reason the TOSCA project proposes direct measurements of the current fields with HF radars and drifters. They will enable crucial and complementary information to predict oil spill dispersion and trajectory more accurately thus allowing more accurate forecasts.

Improved implementation process

Although tools for observation and forecasting already exist, their integration and implementation by local authorities are not always effective. Tosca intends to fill in this gap by the involvement in the project consortium of local and regional authorities. This should lead to a better integration of the proposed solutions and project outputs within the existing national protocols and international agreements. 

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