Who's concerned?

The project concerns a wide range of professionals involved in operational, strategic and scientific aspects to ensure an efficient response in the event of a maritime accident.

  • Local authorities and public administrations in charge of emergency plans in case of maritime accidents,
  • Policy makers involved in environment and maritime safety issues,
  • The scientific community working on oceanographic projects and research. 

Citizens will also benefit from the results and outcomes of the TOSCA project through improved preservation of the marine & coastal environment and more efficient search and rescue (SAR) operations. 

Local & regional authorities and public administrations

Local and regional authorities in charge of marine emergency plans will be the first beneficiaries of the project’s results and outputs. They will benefit from the development of a common decision support tool (interactive web-based GIS system). It will provide important information and methodology to help them prepare their response when facing a maritime accident.

Policy makers

TOSCA will develop recommendations for policy makers to improve environment and maritime safety policies and provide appropriate decision making in case of a marine incident in the Mediterranean sea. This will lead to joint strategies and shared agreements to ensure an immediate response, mitigation and management of oil spill pollution and SAR operations.   

Scientific community

The project outputs will be shared with the Scientific Community to ensure the dissemination and capitalisation of the TOSCA results. Particular emphasis will be placed on sharing the experience and knowledge gained during the project with the existing EU projects dealing with sea monitoring and forecasting for oil spill such as: PRIMI, CALYPSO, MY OCEAN… The network created during the project with the scientific community could be extended to other partners and countries in order to enable the implementation of the new platform in other areas of the Mediterranean sea.

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