Key project milestones

The project is built on parallel actions which will lead to:

  • The implementation of a geospatial information system supplying critical data to support local authorities decision-making in the event of a maritime accident.
  • The establishment of a common coastal management strategy to identify and mitigate pollution spreading and ensure a long term management of the pollution in the Mediterranean.

From 01/09/2010 until 31/08/2012

Step 1: Analysis of past dramatic events and state of the art in maritime forecasting

Here are some of the main activities that will be undertaken during this phase :

  • Analysis of past dramatic events.
  • Identification of the most suitable and optimal cost benefit strategies and technologies.
  • Matching need of contingency plans and requirements of modelling and forecasting products.
  • Development and improvement of existing forecasting systems….

From 01/03/2011 until 28/02/2013

Step 2: Assessment of the monitoring system in five test sites through experimental surveys and tools test

Some of the key activities that will be done during this phase :

  • Installation of HF radars in the test sites.
  • Developments of sample strategies for instruments.
  • Assessments of the performance of the prediction system.
  • Simulation of oil spill and SAR operations...

From 01/09/2011 until 31/08/2013

Step 3: Development of case scenarios and action plans in collaboration with local authorities and policy makers

Some of the key activities the project will undertake during this phase :

  • Simulation of emergencies and action plans.
  • Evaluation of oil spill mitigation effectiveness in risk areas.
  • Implementation of a GIS System as a decision support tool for local authorities.
  • End-users training.
  • Development of a common strategy on oil spill and SAR operations...

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