Analysis of methodologies applied in past dramatic events and review of existing technologies

11/12/2011 Highlights News

Prestige tanker

Which approaches and methodologies have been used in previous maritime events? Which are the existing technologies in terms of Maritime forecasting? How could this be improved for a better response if a pollution risk would arise?

In this report, the project presents an overview of three major past maritime accidents and an analysis of the operations carried out and technical methodologies used to assess the dispersion of oil spills. In the second part of the report, the project presents a review of some existing technologies in particular concerning the use of drifters and dispersion models.

On the basis of this analysis, TOSCA will fix deficiencies and propose improvements to be developed in forecasting systems under  marine incidents to better survey and forecast oil spills. In the next report, the project will issue a set of technical recommendations to improve  the management of pollution events in maritime accidents.


Existing action plans and methodologies


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