First prototype of GIS System available

09/06/2011 Highlights News

Maps from radar

A first prototype of the decision support tool which will be implemented in the last phase of the project to improve the response of Local Authorities in case of a Maritime accident is already available. For the moment the system provides maps of surface currents from radar as well as drifters trajectories.

In the last phase of the project, the system, using an interractive Lagrangian module will be deployed at a territorial scale and will allow authorities in charge to access critical data and applications and enable them to :

  • Access to Geospatial data (historical and new collected data)
  • Visualise ocean currents and dispersion of oil spil
  • Visualise vulnerability and risk area
  • Forecast the pathway of a floating object according to observed and modeled surface currents.

The prototype system is accessible on:

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