Planning and equipment for TOSCA experimental surveys

14/05/2012 News

In order to assess the performance of the observation and prediction system developed by the project, a series of circulation and dispersion experiments will be carried out in five selected coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea in the coming months, until autumn 2012.

Experiments in the Gulf of Naples (Italy), Nothern part of Aegean sea (Greece), Southern part of Ibiza and Nothern part of Formentara island  (Spain) will follow the two first experimental surveys, which took place in the Toulon test site and Trieste site.  

At the same time, and in complement to measurements of surface circulation by coastal HF radars, the project will test several designs of drifters in view of assessing their water or oil following capabilities. The TOSCA drifter « Spill Track » specially designed to provide more accurate monitoring and forecasts of oil spill position in the sea will also be used for this occasion. 

A complete description of the planning of experimental surveys as well as network and sampling strategy is available in the deliverable reports:

  • List of means 
  • Network and sampling strategy


Deliverable 4.1.1 listing of Means


Deliverable 4.1.2 Network and sampling strategy


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