Project background

From maritime disasterS

ERIKA, Don Pedro, Prestige…Lethal effects of mineral oils on fragile marine and coastal ecosystems are now well known. The increasing importance of Eastern Mediterranean ports and the traffic density concentrated around Western and Central Mediterranean ports are constantly raising the risk of an important marine incident. For these reasons, Med partners need to work together on a stronger current monitoring system and on effective action plans in case of maritime accidents.

Towards an optimized response system

Risks and damages caused by a maritime accident can be reduced with the help of better forecasts and efficient monitoring systems.The TOSCA project, which gathers 12 partners from 4 countries of the Eastern and Western part of the Mediterranean, has been designed to help create a better response system to maritime accidents.

First, the project will help set-up a sustainable network of local authorities, policy makers and scientists in the Mediterranean. Then, it will develop and implement innovative sea monitoring and forecasting solutions. It will also create decision support tools and action plans for the authorities to ensure a better response in case of maritime accidents.  

To the experience capitalization on acquired infrastructures and expertise in sea monitoring and forecasting 

TOSCA intends to capitalize and enhance experience on the infrastructure and expertise previously acquired in this field by other EU related projects. It will also built a larger network of coastal defense facilities covering the Eastern and Western part of the Mediterranean based on recent technological advances, know-how, expertise and cooperation with local authorities.


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