The TOSCA Project

Improving the decision-making process in case of maritime accident in the Mediterranean

The TOSCA (Tracking Oil Spills & Coastal Awareness network) project is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the MED Programme. It intends to improve the quality and effectiveness of decision-making process in case of marine accidents concerning oil spill pollution and search and rescue (SAR) operations in the Mediterranean.This will be done with the help of a network including local authorities, policy makers and scientists, with a scientific maritime monitoring and forecasting system and with the implementation of decision support tools and action plans.

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Who's concerned?

Local authorities and public administrations in charge of emergency plans in case of maritime accidents, policy makers involved in environment and maritime safety issues, scientific community working on oceanographic project and research. The project concerns a wide range of professionals involved in operational, strategic and scientific aspects to ensure an efficient response in the event of a maritime accident.

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We have shown that actual methods, based primarily on numerical models, have major limitations. This is particularly due to a lack of observational data. The use of HF radars can provide real-time mapping of surface currents, day and night and sup...

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography

In its current state of development, TOSCA represents a real potential for progress in antipollution management in case of maritime accidents and oil spills. TOSCA offers new approaches and new tools to facilitate the location and monitoring of sl...

Prefecture of the Mediterranean Sea - French State

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